Local Lead Domination: An Honest Unadulterated Review

Internet marketers Valerie DuVall, Fritz Thorp, and Jeff Smith are going to release a new product in a little over two weeks from the time of this writing. It’s called the Local Lead Domination, and it will debut on the 8th of July 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT, and at a very reasonable starting price of $17.

Local Lead Domination is a course that teaches how to get leads for local customers and sell those leads with pay-per-click. This will teach everything there is to know about capturing leads, like pay-per-click, starting a website, running a blog, and luring in prospects.

You can upgrade your purchase to avail of a package of twelve niche researches authored by Fritz. Each research will cost $27, allowing you to purchase one niche research every month. Alternatively, you can buy it as a twelve-niche research bundle that costs $147, which is arguably the cheaper option.

That’s all we know about the product for now, and hopefully, more will be revealed in the near future. We will update this post should new info come up, so if you are interested, you may bookmark this page and come back often to check for the latest updates. You should also look forward to our review that will be released not long after the product is out in the online market.


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