Igloo: A Quick, Detailed Review

If you are an affiliate marketer, you may have seen one of those big product launches and may even have participated in one. Now you may be planning to create your own product and are looking to hold such a launch as well. However, all the preparations from building a site to inviting affiliates to do a joint venture with you may be something that intimidates you. Understandably, the entire process can be very tricky. Josh Ratta and his team has a new product that can help you in that regard; it’s called Igloo and he will be launching it soon.

Josh and company’s brand new product is what basically amounts to a launch platform. It comes with all the pages you need when the time comes when your product is ready and you will need to sell it: JV pages, landing pages, upsell pages, and thank you pages, to name a few. You can create any of these through a drag and drop interface. It also has features that can help you generate social buzz and beat the hype before your product is finally released, including a social contest system which will really help in generating traffic.

Igloo will go live on June 14, 2016, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The basic version of the product will be available for $67. Whether or not it is worth this much is something that you will learn from our review which we will add to this post come the launch date. If you wish to learn more about the product before buying, make sure that you have this page bookmarked so you can easily come back later for our review.

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