Software Review: HypeSprout

Marketing forums and discussions are rife with talk about generating traffic and leads. The latter, naturally, gets more emphasis, as leads are essentially the prospects that you have sifted out of all the traffic that has gotten to your landing page, and they are what you should work to convert into paying customers. The social media is one of the best places to get traffic and find leads, and one of the best strategies as of late involve viral content. Getting content to go viral is a bit tricky, however, but seasoned Internet marketers have proven strategies that can get the job done. Karthik Ramani, like many others, has his own methods, and he will be revealing one in his upcoming launch, HypeSprout.

This product is a $34 cloud-based software that lets you set up viral campaigns in a really speedy manner. The key to this is referral marketing, a social marketing strategy that delivers rewards to visitors who invite other friends to perform an action desired in the campaign. Karthik’s viral social marketing strategy is going to be implemented by this tool, which has seen ten months of development and testing to date. The tool will cover everything from generating traffic to engaging your audience so as to create some buzz for your offer.

Karthik and his team are going to launch HypeSprout today, March 28, 2018. We will soon be able to avail of this product, as it will go live later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Shortly after this product goes live, we are adding a complete review of the product to this blog post. In that regard, you might want to bookmark this page and come back after the launch if you find yourself interested in this product.

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