Honey Badger Commissions: A Quick and Detailed Review

Internet entrepreneur Paz Gee has released the Honey Badger Commissions, his latest product, yesterday, the 24th of June 2013. It is a coaching product that costs a rather affordable $9 price.

The Honey Badger Commissions is a product that focuses mainly on list building. It is delivered via a well-designed membership website, where all the training videos and various members-only exclusives are hosted. It also provides access to a subscribers-only Facebook group as well as a variety of resources.

The videos are arguably the meat of the product. Everything else in the Honey Badger Commissions website is nothing more than supplement material and support. We can say that these extra do their job pretty well, but does the core of the product do so likewise?

For this reason, we’ve made a thorough review of the training videos found on the site. We’ve watched the videos in the right order. The series teaches the list building process step by step, explaining a lot of methodologies along the way and covers all there is that needs to be learned about building lists and getting traffic. On the side, Paz also teaches high converting sales pages, a good sales panel, and more.

The way the training is presented makes it work for both beginners and marketing veterans alike. It’s a great training course and the methods presented are very feasible and can certainly add to your knowledge in Internet marketing. For a low $9, we can say that it’s a steal. For that, we give this product a good 4.5 out of 5.


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