Reviewed: Facebook Success123

Social media is at its prime these days, and with the way it connects people from all over the world, it is no surprise why it is so. Of all the social networks in existence, Facebook, perhaps, is at the top spot, having over a billion active users worldwide. For this reason, Internet marketers take advantage of it to promote their offers. In particular, they take advantage of its features and the tools that are geared for marketers. One of these is Facebook’s live broadcasting feature Facebook live, and Aylon Spiegel will show you how to integrate it to your campaigns with his latest product, the Facebook Success123.

This product is, right off the bat, a guide to Facebook live for marketers. Now, Facebook Live, as we have mentioned, is a feature of Facebook that allows you to share live video with your followers and friends. It is available to all pages, profiles, and even mere Facebook Mentions. More and more people and businesses make use of this feature these days, and if you have found yourself notified of a live video event of a page that you are following, then you’ve just been invited to see a live Facebook video broadcast. As live triggers notifications to all of your followers, it is easy to see just how much marketing potential it has that needs to be tapped.

That’s all we know about Facebook Success123 for the mean time, but we do expect to learn more about it once it is launched this Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 7:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will update you with a review of this product on this post by then, and if you are interested, just bookmark this page and go back on launch date for our review.

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