A Review of EverLesson (MemberHub 2.0)

Membership sites are a great source of passive recurring income, while also providing you with the opportunity to promote more of your products to a captive audience. Although a very lucrative money-making opportunity, many find it hard to begin running a membership-based website. Simply put, a membership site can be off-putting to some as it usually would require a lot of work to do—building the site, working on a members area, and finally setting it up who can access which pages or information. Thankfully, there are plenty of products online that are designed to help make the process easier for you. One such product that got our attention is the EverLesson (MemberHub 2.0).

This product is a brand new release from Karthik Ramani and his team. This is a web-based site-building platform that allows you to build an unlimited number of membership websites, allowing you to add as many products as you want for every membership. You can choose a different theme for every site, and you can go further and customize each site’s themes. All the products or files that you offer for each membership is based in a library storage system for more efficient file storage and retrieval. Furthermore, the platform can help you gamify your membership sites, assigning goals and giving out points as a reward and thus maximizing engagement.

EverLesson (MemberHub 2.0) will be launching today, January 23, 2017, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. It will be available for the recurring price of $47 per month or $297 per year. If you are curious as to whether or not this product lives up to its price, just bookmark this page and come back after the product has gone live. We will be updating this blog post by then with a full review.

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