Email Marketing Masterplan: A Review

Internet marketing and email lists go hand in hand. This is because, despite its age, the email still remains as the best vehicle to get a message straight to a person—a more targeted approach as opposed to traditional scattershot advertising methods. One can even argue that email marketing is superior to expensive online advertising in this regard. Now if you are one of those folks looking for a great email marketing strategy, you might find yourself interested in this latest offer from Mike Hynes and his team. It’s called the Email Marketing Masterplan, and is should be launching later today.

This product is an e-book that will show you how you can set up what Mike Hynes describes as winning email marketing campaigns. The e-book will be composed of 77 pages of straightforward information. It is divided into 16 chapters, and it is promised to drill into you a firm foundation in email marketing through a plan of action that you only need to follow. The book will also come with a 15-module video course, and another 15-module audio course.

Email Marketing Masterplan, as mentioned earlier, will launch today, the date being June 23, 2017, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This will be a four-day launch, and during this time, the product will be available for $9.97. Once the product goes live, we are going to update this page with a full review of the product. If the product interests you and you’d like to know more about it before buying, just bookmark this page and come back later. We will be updating this post soon after the product is launched with a comprehensive and unadulterated review.

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