Just How Good is Dan Lew’s Curation Soft 3.0?

Online marketer Dan Lew is set to launch his latest product, the Curation Soft 3.0 a few months from the time of this writing. It will be out on the first day of October 2013 at a price of $59.

Curation Soft 3.0 will help reduce all the time and effort it takes to curate – that is, to find, review, and organize – content in blogs and in social media. This product promises to allow you to post more frequently, get a better search engine ranking, and obtain a bigger following.

The Curation Soft already has screenshots so we assume that it will be ready and working any time soon. It has a very simple interface that only includes the most necessary  elements and a sizeable pane where you can see the curated content. The interface also comes in a neat blue color scheme which makes it rather pleasant to the eyes.

We’ll review this product as soon as it is out in October. We can only sit back and wait for new information at the moment. We will surely update this post should new info comes up, so if you are interested, bookmark this page and check back often in the near future.


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