A Complete Review of Covert Copy Traffic

We know the folks at IM Wealth Builders for their high quality offers in the past, and a day from now, they are going to launch a new product that aims to help people who want to be better at Internet marketing. This product is called Covert Copy Traffic, it is going live soon, and it’s not that hard to imagine what this is all about. It is going to be all about traffic, and we will soon learn just what it is going to offer.

This product is a brand new software that generates instant messenger type advertisements on your blog. This type of ad easily grabs visitor attention, and may be a little too complex for the average Internet marketer to code. It pretty much copies the way many popular instant messaging apps look, all in an effort to get your visitors’ attention. Creating this sort of ads in this app is a matter of point-and click, and will not take much in the way of effort. $17 will be the initial price of this app for this launch, and this will go up to $27 as the launch progresses.

As we have previously mentioned, Covert Copy Traffic is going to be available soon, and by that we mean tomorrow, May 22, 2018.. We will see this product go live on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. if you want to know a bit more about this software before you go ahead and make your purchase, just bookmark this page and return after the launch, as we are going to update this post by then with a full, comprehensive review.

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