A Detailed Review of ConjureGram

Instagram has become a favorite of many marketers lately, and that’s not strange; the website simply is a popular avenue of expression, and an Instagram account can be set up as a great source of viral content. Instagram simply holds a lot of marketing possibilities, and if you are looking to tap the site’s full marketing potential, you might want to check out this brand new release from Ben Murray and his team. This new product is called ConjureGram, and it is scheduled to launch really soon.

What exactly is this product, you ask? Well, it appears to be a one-stop solution to managing Instagram accounts for marketing purposes. It can schedule posts, has image and video editing features, and provides you with an army of followers, likers, and commenters, thereby giving your ‘Gram’s social media activity a boost on the onset. This product is completely cloud-based, and will not require the installation of third party programs to work. It can be yours for $67, but it will be available for $47 early into its launch.

Now when are we seeing ConjureGram launch? That would be no later than this very date, January 10, 2017, and we expect this product to go live at its scheduled launch time, 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you want to know more about this brand new product, be sure to bookmark this page and be back some time later. We will be updating this post with a complete review of the product shortly after its big launch.

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