A Review of Clixplit for WP

If you are looking to monetize your website, getting visitors simply is not enough. You will need to be able to engage them in such a way that they interact with the advertisements and various other promotions on display in your site. Now this one is a little tricky, as you will need a good strategy to get this done, or will need some slick language to convince your visitors to click on your ads and the like. Here’s some good news for that matter: coming soon is a product that will help multiply the amount of visitor clicks you receive by threefold. This new product is Travis Morgan’s Clixplit for WP.

Clixplit is a $17 WordPress plugin designed to maximize traffic and click activity. At this point, you might be asking, just how on earth can this product increase your visitor clicks by 300%? Well, the plugin simply puts some sort of tweak to your hyperlinks through what Travis calls an “elegantly covert” function. This function allows you to receive actual clicks to your most valuable links without your visitors even noticing, and thus allowing little to no disruption to user experience.

Clixplit for WP is supposedly launching later today, November 7, 2016, but this launch is postponed at the moment. Rest assured, though, we will update this page as soon as a new launch date is provided. We will also add a review of the product to this post as soon as it goes live, so if you want to keep track of this product’s launch or are looking forward to our review, just hit that bookmark button while you’re on this page and come check back some time in the near future.

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