A Review of BonusVault-1000+ DFY Product Library

A product is essential to any business. After all, how else would a business make money without a proper product on offer? Products, however, takes time, effort, and some cash to develop, and there is not much guarantee that your offer would sell. If you are in the digital products business, however, you can easily skip this arduous process and go for done-for-you PLR products. If you are the type who makes money from a regular product launch or simply would love to have an extensive roster of products, though, a simple PLR package may not be something you need. Products like Rikzy Jezuli’s latest offer, BonusVault-1000+ DFY Product Library, will probably suit you better.

This product is a lifetime membership service where you will receive access to a massive library of PLR e-books in just about any niche. There will be over a thousand of these done-for-you e-books in this collection, each with attractive covers and sales materials that will go along with them. Being PLR products, you can either use these e-books for your own consumption or sell them to your customers. A full access to this virtual PLR vault can be yours for the one time price of $27.

Rikzy is launching BonusVault-1000+ DFY Product Library on March 25, 2018. It will be up by then at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If this product interests you, feel free to bookmark this page and return shortly after the product goes live; we are going to update this post by then with a full review that should help you make an educated purchasing decision.

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