Review: Bing Boss

Google may be the poster boy of search engines, but the second most popular search engine in existence is not something that Internet marketers ought to ignore. Bing may be less used than Google, but it still remains a viable target of search engine optimization work, and is a rather highly targeted online advertising platform to boot. Of course, if you have been using Google for quite a while, it may take a bit of adjusting if you are looking to harness the power of Bing as well. When it comes to advertising on Bing, though, Marcus C and Rishy has a new product that can help you out. It’s called Bing Boss, and it’s the latest offer to get our attention as of late.

This product is a Bing Ads software that will find and replicate the best possible Bing Ads campaigns, and you will only need to put in your keywords for that matter. It can generate an ad campaign in mere seconds, and it will find you the best possible long tail keywords that can further improve your results.In a nutshell, it is a rather comprehensive Bing Ads research tool.

Bing Boss is launching on Sunday, July 29, 2018, and if you are going early bird on this launch the product is scheduled to go live on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will be available by then for $13, and this price will go up by $0.05 every four hours. Expect some upsells on your way to the checkout page as well. If you wish to learn more about this product, be sure to bookmark this page and return after the launch for we are updating this post with our complete review.

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