A Review of Gaz Cooper’s Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0

Internet marketer Gaz Cooper and company is about to bring us the Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0. This product is a keyword tool that will be out in the online market on June 20, 2013, at 11:00 AM EDT. It will cost $17 and is slated to increase to $27 over time.

The product is obviously the most recent iteration of a desktop application called Amazon Treasure Hunter. The developers claim that this product can instantly increase the traffic and authority of any Amazon website. It does so by hunting the most profitable products within a particular niche that has no competition.

The improvement made in Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0 is a new module that is claimed to catapult the user ahead of the competition. This module provides you with an update once a brand new product is added by Amazon to their site.

You can buy this new version of the keyword hunting software as is or consider purchasing the upgrades. The first upgrade is the video training course AMZ Master Class; the second is a set of seven video training modules called the Amazon Video Sniper Domination Course; and the third is the AMZ Training Academy, a package of training modules, tools, and software. No details about the price of these upgrades have been released so far.

We’ve yet to know if this product can live up to claims about it. As such, we are really looking forward to its launch date, upon which we will be writing down a detailed product review. We will also keep track of new information about this product, so if you are interested in this software, simply bookmark this page and come back often.



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