A Review of 7 Day Web Conversion Challenge

When people talk about making big money on the Internet, it’s inevitable for someone to make the least mention of traffic. Generating traffic, however, is not everything there is; you will also need to learn how to convert all the visits that your site is getting, turning them into subscribers and, eventually, paying customers. This takes plenty of work, and it may take you some time to learn how to get things working. Internet marketer Trevor Endon, however, is releasing a new product that dares to help you get your next batch of conversions in just seven days. This product is aptly called the 7 Day Web Conversion Challenge.

The challenge in this product does not end with its name; in fact, being a seven-day conversion challenge is what this product is all about. It will provide you with daily assignments that you need to follow down to the last letter in order to replicate Trevor’s conversion formula and make money in a week. To make sure that you get things working as intended, the challenge will also come with some on-demand guidance in the form of a live customer support and an exclusive Facebook group that you will be invited to; Trevor will be checking in on you himself as well.

7 Day Web Conversion Challenge is launching soon for the price of $27. It is scheduled to launch today, April 19, 2017, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Once this product is launched, we will update this page with a complete review of this product. That said, if you want to know our thoughts on this new release before making your purchase, just bookmark this page and come back later.

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