A new product named Five Dollar Punch by Internet entrepreneur Harry.G’ will go live within a few days. It will be launched four days from the time of this writing, precisely on the 25th of October 2014.

The Five Dollar Punch is a report that will teach you how to build a Fiverr-based business and make profit using some techniques based on the experience of Harry.G. The product will be sold for $17 at the launch. For now, these are the only available information on this product. Nevertheless, we will try to closely monitor this product to get more details before it is released into the market.

Five Dollar Punch will also be reviewed as soon as we get our hands on this product. We invite you to check it out after October 25. Our review may help guide you with whatever decision you may have for this product.


At 11:00 AM EST on the 24th of October this year, Internet entrepreneur Reed Floren will launch his latest product called How to Create Information Products That SELL. It will be sold for an affordable price of $7.

How to Create Information Products That SELL is a 2 hour video presentation that will teach you how to create information products, how to figure out what actually sells in the marketplace, what customers actually want to buy, what tools you must use to create products, determining how much you should sell your product for. The video comes with a transcript, mind map, checklist/cheatsheet, advanced live training webinar and a one on one call with Reed.

This product was primarily designed with newbie and intermediate marketers in mind. If you have been doing online marketing and you are currently struggling or do not know where to start, then this one is for you. Before you leave this page, do not forget to bookmark this post.

We invite you to check back on this post after it is launched. We will be concluding this post with our review of the How to Create Information Products That SELL just after it is released to the market. Make sure you read it before you decide to purchase.


A product from Internet entrepreneur Jeremiah Villagomez is about to launch in the next three days. It is called the eCover Magician. The product will be launched on October 24, 2013, at 11:00 AM EST.

eCover Magician is a set of 50 time saving, stunning and completely editable done-for-you Kindle cover that you can use for a lot of projects. It will be available for $9.95 at the launch. Besides this, we do not have any more information about this product. However, we will keep monitoring for any updates coming from the product vendor. Once we find any new information released, we will have this post updated.

A review of this product will also be posted as an update to this post. Thus, it is best that you bookmark this post if you are already interested to grab a copy of this product. Nevertheless, we are discouraging you to do impulsive buying. Just give us time to get a copy of this product and carefully look into it. We will write our review and we are hoping it would help you with your decision.


GraphicsDev Early Bird Membership is the newest product from Jov Montes. It will be launched at 11:00 AM EST on the 23rd of October 2014, which is roughly two days from now.

GraphicsDev Early Bird Membership gives you access to thousands of premium quality marketing graphics that are creatively designed to sky rocket your sales. You are given access to a data base with a collection of sales page elements, print templates, eBook and product covers, social media matters and a lot more. You only need to go through 3 simple steps, just login, choose and use. The annual membership fee is priced at $147, but this early bird launch promo will give you a huge discount. You pay only $47 for the membership.

Our review of this product will become available not long after it gets launched on October 23. If you find this product interesting, you may bookmark this post. Give us enough time to get our hands on this product and write our feedback, then you can come back to check for the availability of the review.


Daniel Madeira and Scrembo are set to launch their newest product, the Email Swipe Generator, at 11:00 AM EST on the 23rd of October 2014. It will go live with an initial cost of $1 to $19, the product is touted as perfect tool for any solo ad seller and email marketer.

Email Swipe Generator can help you generate not just sales, but a lot of sales. One click is all you need to generate a thousand swipes. It has been tested and proven to boost the CTR, leading to more sales. If you find this product interesting, you can bookmark this page to closely monitor any updates about the product, which we will be posting anytime soon.

We will also provide you with a review of this product which will become available through this post just right after the launch. You can use it as a reference for your decision on whether you must purchase this product or not.


Agus Sakti will be releasing his new product. It is called the FRESHSENTATION VOL.2, and it will be launched on October 23, 2014, at 9:00 AM EST.

With the price starting at $9.95 and going up to $14 after three hours, the FRESHSENTATION VOL.2 is a package that contains 182+ unique done-for-you slides that will help you create interesting videos. It is animation ready, with used font included. Compatible with 16:9 display. Comes with awesome templates and a video tutorial on how to change he animation, create transitions and picture.

You do not need to be a Photoshop expert or have skills in design. You also do not need to buy some expensive software. With video marketing, you increase your conversion rate by up to 150%, saving you thousands of dollars. You need to buy this product early, because after it increases to $14, the clock will continue to tick and the price will again go up after 4 days.

Are you already thinking of rushing so you can purchase this product for a low price? We do not recommend you to do so. That is one strategy used by marketers, and we want you to be sure of what you are buying, so we are going to put up our review of this product. We will be amongst the very first to grab a copy of this product, so we can quickly check and evaluate the FRESHSENTATION VOL.2. Do check back on this post for the much awaited review of this product.


A new product from Internet entrepreneur Vas Blagodarskiy be out two days from now, on October 23, 2014, at 11:00 AM EST to be exact. This product is called OwlHQ. It is said to be the Swiss-Army knife of marketing tools.

OwlHQ is a software that allows you to make use of 9 marketing tools. It only takes 4 minutes to install this software and it is absolutely 100% newbie friendly. Among the tools that are installed are timers, live chat, smart popups, pricing, headline optimization, leads, heat map, scroll map and spy video. This software costs $27 and is expected to increase over time.

For purposes of discussion, we will talk about a few of the marketing tools that the OwlHQ software offers. The timers, display a clock with countdown which creates a sense of urgency for potential buyers. The pricing will give you a previous data already available for every visitor which can be optimized for highest possible conversions. Headline optimization gives you an idea what page title generates more clicks within 48 hours. The heat map will tell you which part of your website visitors click the most and the least, informing you what works and what does not. Then there is the spy video which actually records the screen of your visitor when they visit your website.

It is easy to install, just add 2 lines of code on your website. We will also be reviewing this product as it goes live two days from now. In the mean time, we want you to bookmark this post, so you can easily check it out for the availability of the review.


Online entrepreneur Maghfur Amin will soon launch his newest product, the ELITE PLR Blogs Vol.7. Launching at 9:00 AM EST today, the 21st of October 2014, it is the most popular PLR niche blogs launch.

ELITE PLR Blogs Vol.7 is a brand new and high quality PLR blogs that will help you with your needs of putting up a website in minutes and never worrying about design, keyword research articles, images and finding what product to promote. Volume 7 covers 10 niches, which includes lawyers, car dealers, coffee shop, chiropractors, tree service, HVAC, carpet cleaners, lawn service, website business and yoga. You get all these for a price of $17.

This can be very useful to an online entrepreneur who is just starting to find a niche. Nevertheless, we still need to examine this product carefully if it indeed contains what it promises to have. We will be doing our best to come up with our product review as soon as it gets launched later today. Do not forget to check back and read our review. Who knows, it might help you decide whether you should proceed with purchasing the product or not.


101 Fitness Tips PLR Media Blast is the newest product of Internet entrepreneur Kate Rieger. It will launch at 11:00 AM EST tomorrow, the 21st of October 2014, and will be available at an initial price of $17.

101 Fitness Tips PLR Media Blast is a new niche that health and fitness entrepreneurs can take advantages of. It gives them an opportunity to hook into media to use for powerful list building in a popular marketplace like fitness. This package includes income PLR collection, list building PLR collection, social PLR collection and blogging PLR collection.

If you are a health buff and you want to begin your own business in the health and fitness niche, this may help a lot. You can bookmark this post and check back after it gets launched tomorrow. We just need a little time to examine this product carefully once it becomes available in the market, then we will update this post with our review of the product.


Kurt Melvin is about to launch his latest product, The Video Gap System. It will go live tomorrow, the 21st of October 2014, at 11:00 AM EDT. It will be available in the online market at a price of $17.

The Video Gap System is a collection of video marketing tools which also comes with a step-by-step system for writing powerful marketing videos. It helps you to focus on using “trigger emotions”. It also has 9 ready to go “recipes” and 21 “ingredient” templates. If you have purchased a video creation software, but have problems writing and creating videos that will help you sell, then you need to have this product as well.

A very important thing that is included in the The Video Gap System package is The Freudian Tips Reports. It will teach you how to motivate viewers with your videos, and how to overcome a writers’ block when doing video marketing. When you purchase this product, you also get 2 custom collections of high quality animated characters designed to visually emphasize the 21 trigger emotions.

Are you planning to use video marketing for your business? Then you can use this product to help you succeed in your video marketing endeavors. However, we still want you to hold your thoughts until we have released our complete review of this product. You do not have to wait that long. As the product will launch tomorrow, we will be among the first to grab a copy of this product so we can begin evaluating and finalize our review.