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Rankings Institute is the latest course to be released by Andrew Hansen.  Not much is known about the course yet, but Andrew Hansen is known as a great marketer so the Rankings Institute course is likely to be one of the better courses released in the near future.

Keep coming back to this page for a detailed review of the product as soon as we can get access to the course, and also keep an eye out for the bonus package that we’ll be putting together for readers too.

For now, bookmark this page so that you can find it again when http://RankingsInstitute.org is released and you want to read the full http://RankingsInstitute.net review. In the mean time there are also some other sites with additional information about the upcoming release.

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Coming out today, the 24th of April 2015, at exactly 11:00 AM EST is a new product from online entrepreneur Amanda Craven. It is named the Azon High Ticket, a product that will cost $13 to $17.

Azon High Ticket is a collection of 80 carefully and personally selected winning high ticket Amazon products you can promote by Amanda herself, and also comes with 32,000+ relevant keywords. The products are evergreen and come from very profitable niches, like that in weight loss/fitness, dog care, yoga/meditation/relaxation, fishing and golf.

If you avail of this product, you also get access to a live training where you will be learning how to promote high ticket products on Amazon to get high commissions. In case you are not available during the live training, a transcript is also available within the members’ area.

This product may sound interesting for you, especially if you have wanted to do Amazon. You can simply bookmark this post for now. Just don’t forget to come back and check on this post for the availability of our detailed review on the Azon High Ticket. It will go out once we have tried out and carefully evaluated this product.


William Fletcher has just released his latest product today, the 24th of April 2015. The product is called the Email Commission Authority. It is not available for a very affordable price of only $7.

The Email Commission Authority is a powerful training program that will teach you how to write better marketing emails than most marketers can. Marketing promotions that usually get a lot of people excited not just to read your emails, but click your affiliate links as well. It is also very important to learn how to warm up your list first before you begin blasting them with your promotional emails. Everything will need to come at the right time.

William will also teach you how to send a sneaky promotional email which will look like content. We know how important this is, because most of us do not actually like receiving a lot of promotional emails and would actually consider it as spam.

We are going to get our own copy of this product today, like we always do. We always want to make sure that we provide our readers with the right feedback on every product that we feature here. You can bookmark this post for now, and wait for our review to be published here as an update, then come up with a decision regarding the Email Commission Authority.


PLR Subject-Line-Symbol Software is online marketer Nick Mancuso’s newest product. The launch is scheduled at 11:00 AM EST today, April 24, 2015. You can purchase it for $18 during the launch.

PLR Subject-Line-Symbol Software is a self hosted PLR software. It is a software that has been developed and tested over the past year. It has been proven to provide you with amazing results for your list building and email marketing. This one of a kind brandable PLR software is indeed something that you will appreciate and would love to have. It is a fact that email marketing, both for online and offline marketing, is here to stay.

If you have a lot of questions in your mind right now as to how this software will work for you, then stand by for more updates on this product. We will be grabbing more information, as well as write our detailed review of it once we have carefully evaluated the software. It is best to check back on this page a little after the product is launched. We are hoping our update and review of this product will help enlighten you on what actions you must give this product.


Radu Hahaianu and Ankur Shukla are releasing a new product tomorrow, the 24th of April 2015 to be exact. It is called the Keywords Studio Pro and it will become available at 9:00 AM EST. You can purchase this product for only $17 on the launch.

The Keywords Studio Pro is a software that allows you to research keywords from Google, Amazon, Youtube, and etc for your videos, articles and ad campaigns. The software will launch for 3 days, that will be from Friday to Sunday. The software comes as a web app, but also as a desktop software, and you can use either of it for your convenience. It will bring higher EPCs and higher conversion rates.

If you have done manual keyword research before, you probably know how difficult it is to do it manually. If you have tried using software for your keyword research, you might have also seen how some of these keyword research software lets you pay a hefty sum and yet do not provide you with the best keywords to work on.

What should you expect from Keywords Studio Pro? We cannot give you a hint for now. Like you, we still have to examine this product carefully before we can fully recommend it to our readers. No need to worry, you just have to bookmark this post. We will be among the very firsts who will grab a copy of this software on the launch, and will proceed with examining it for our readers. Our review will be made available as soon as we are done checking it out.


Internet entrepreneur’s Anwesh Rath, David Kirby and Art Flair are releasing their latest product, the Effortless FB Profits on April 24, 2015, and that will be tomorrow. The product will be available in the market at around 11:00 AM EST. One can avail of it for a really affordable price of $7 to $10.

The Effortless FB Profits is a complete course that will teach you each and every aspect about Facebook marketing. Learn how to make money with Facebook and how to market just any niche. In this course, you will be taught how to utilize free Facebook traffic, Facebook ads and retargeting. The course is newbie friendly, but also very useful for advanced marketers who will definitely find a lot of important treasures inside.

If you want to avail of an upsell, you will get an additional set of 16 videos (and a couple of bonus ones), which will walk you through the whole process in a step by step detail. Definitely an over the shoulder walkthrough, so even if you are a complete newbie, you will not have any problems going through the course.

You may be wondering if this product would deliver what it promises. Well, we cannot really assure you anything for now, until we get our hands on it. While you wait for it to be released, we encourage you to bookmark this post. If you are interested to read our review, we are inviting you to check back on this post just after the Effortless FB Profits is launched. You will find our detailed review as an update to this post, and we certainly hope for it to help you in coming up with the right decision.


At 9:00 AM EST on April 23, 2015, that will be today, online entrepreneur Timothy Miranda and his buddy Rishi will be launching CPA Catalyst. In this product, they reveal their strategy for gaining massive CPA profits. You can avail of it for a price of $7 to $17 when it is launched.

The CPA Catalyst is a proven and effective course developed by Timothy and Rishi. After going through the course, buyers are expected to launch their very own campaigns immediately. The eBook is 70 pages long and takes you to a step by step process on how to promote CPA offers with non-English speaking countries by buying traffic for a really cheap price and get high CTR’s and CR’s.

They did not actually discuss in detail what else to expect in the course. If they did, it would be like giving away the information inside the eBook. Nevertheless, if you are interested about this product, you may bookmark this post before you close that browser. Make it a point to read the review before you make your decisions regarding this product.


Have you always wondered how you can succeed in your Facebook advertising campaigns? Adam Nolan will show you the solution for your problem. Today, the 23rd of April, at around 11:00 AM EST, he will be launching his newest product, the FB Ad Basics. This will be available for $37 to $47.

The FB Ad Basics is a course that Adam placed on beta testing for the past 6 months. It is said to guarantee you the easiest yet thorough way for setting your Facebook advertising campaign. Adam also has a dedicated support staff in North America who are working almost round the clock and ready to answer any questions of those who have availed of the course. You should also not forget the live Q&A call that is scheduled one week after the launch. If you have any questions, you can reserve that for that day.

There is no need to worry that what you will learn from this course will eventually become obsolete in the future. It was actually designed to be an evergreen product. You just have to remember that the basics of advertising do not change.

You probably know by now how powerful Facebook advertising is and how online marketers are scrambling to promote their products through Facebook. As the FB Ad Basics will be released today, expect us to try out this product and come up with our comprehensive review. Bookmark this page and look forward to our review which will come out soon.


Today, the 23rd of April 2015, at around 12:00 AM EST– Internet marketer Jeb Buckler will be launching the Stealth Startup System . This leading Internet business pre-startup coaching brands is going to be available for $97 on the front end during the launch.

Stealth Startup System was already launched before, and it was so popular. With that, Jeff is re-launching the product, but totally upscaled it for you. There are 2 membership options, the lifetime membership that is priced at $97 and the $97 per month premium membership. The later offering more exclusive membership features, like premium access to private coaching.

This product will give you the mindset, strategy, tools and the complete system for turning your ideas into million dollar revenues. Jeb already has the reputation for helping people build their own online business over the past 10 years. That alone tells you that he knows what he is doing.

If you still have some questions or apprehensions towards this product, you may hold your thoughts for now. Just bookmark this post, give us time to get our copy of this product later today, and write down our detailed review. Make sure that you check out and read our review before you make your decision about this product.


Media Buy. Biz In a Box is a product of Dr. Amit Pareek and Er. Ashu Pareek. This product will be launched on the morning of April 23, 2015, specifically at 10:00 AM EST. This course will be sold initially for $10.

Media Buy. Biz In a Box is a complete and step by step course that will teach you how to make money through media buying. It also teaches you how to point out what is hot and new in media buying. This is not a PLR product, and was actually developed by the own team of Dr. Pareek. It also comes with an eBook, audio and video training.

If you have plans of trying out this product, it is advisable that you try it out within 7 days after the launch. There will be a price increase on the front end price and it will eventually be sold for $27. The training guide is also fully rebrandable, in case you may be interested to sell it as your own.

Other stuff included when you purchase the front end of this product are the doodle style sales video, professional minisite template that comes in 6 colors, mind map, cheat sheet, high converting sales copy, promotional swipe emails, animated banners, professional graphics, how to setup video training, top resources report and other extra bonuses.

If you have tried some of the products of Dr. Pareek before, then you might know what to expect. However, those who still do not know what to expect from this product, can simply bookmark this post and check out our review of this product when it becomes available right after the launch.


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