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If you’ve somehow run into a sales video that’s made recently, chances are that it is created in the style of a whiteboard presentation. You must also be thinking about implementing this type of video to your own website in an effort to increase conversions and profits. Yes, this sort of video works, but you may be thinking that you will need deft hands and the skill to come up with one, and end up intimidated as a result. Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, you probably would want to check out this new product from Vu Binh Minh called Whiteboard Profits Academy RELOADED – Holiday Profits.

This product is touted as a world-class video course that will show you a formula that you can use to come up with a very profitable whiteboard video. This course is packaged with useful materials that you can use for your video, including graphics like SVGs, plus a personal video evaluation service. All these will be available for the price of $17.

Vu will be launching the Whiteboard Profits Academy RELOADED – Holiday Profits on September 28, 2016, and it is slated to be released on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you want to learn more about this product before you decide whether or not to make a purchase, don’t hesitate to bookmark this page and come back shortly after the product is launched. By then, we will be adding a complete review of the product to this post.


Getting customers to buy something from your site will require you to have a very effective squeeze page. These pages basically “help” your visitors decide to make a purchase through a variety of sales tactics or simply through a very convincing sales pitch. However, creating a squeeze page is no joke, especially if you do not have any experience in web development. Squeeze page builders exist for that matter, and the latest one to come out this week is Mike Janssens’ Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0.

This page builder features a newbie-friendly interface, which essentially makes the creation of squeeze pages nothing more than a filling in the blanks. The squeeze pages that you create out of this software are promised to improve your conversions and drastically reduce your bounce rate, simply by automatically rewriting themselves based on your visitors answer to your question. Now how much does this software cost, you ask? The answer is none, as in the whole thing is free and can even be used as a give away or be sold at a price of your choosing.

Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0 was released today, September 27, 2016, and it went live early this morning at6:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We are currently in the process of reviewing this new freeware, and we will update you soon with what we’ll find out in a review that we will add later to this post. If you want to check out our review first before taking the negligible risk of trying the software out for yourself, be sure to bookmark this page and come back later for our review.


Having a product is essential to any online business. This, however, would often require a business to undergo the rather tedious and often costly process of product development. Obviously, this is not always the case. There are several shortcuts to getting a product for your online business, the most popular being buying PLR packages that works with your niche. Jimmy Byars has such on offer. It’s called the [PLR] Niche Video Packs – Volume 1, and what sets it apart from its competitors is that it’s something that you can also use for your own business.

This brand new PLR product is a package of niche videos that you can use as content for your site, if you are not planning to resell them. There are 30 videos all in all, and this set includes ten article writing videos, ten email marketing videos, and ten virtual worker hiring videos. This works best for folks who need new video content as well as those who need unique media products for their business. You can avail of this package for the price of $17.

[PLR] Niche Video Packs – Volume 1 is scheduled to launch morning of this date, September 27, 2016. It is expected to go live at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, for the discounted price of $9.95. We will review this product and add our review to this post some time after the product is launched. If you are interested, be sure to bookmark this page and come back shortly after the product goes live for our complete review.


Work takes much time out of our daily lives. Combined with our everyday chores, that leaves us with so little waking time to spend for ourselves. As such, it is quite tempting to imagine the possibility of being able to work for just a short span of time in a day and earn just as much as you would from a nine-to-five job. According to Internet marketer Henry Gold, though, that certainly is achievable, and you can make it big no less in just a short amount of time. He will be explaining how this can be done in his latest information product, the 200 Dollars Blueprint 2.0.

In this course, you will be learning a method through which you can earn not tens of bucks but $200 daily in, as the product’s name suggests, merely 20 minutes of work. Now that certainly is a big promise, but Henry is confident with this product he and his team has developed, claiming that it is based on actual experience. This information will be laid out in a step-by-step video series that explains every single bit of info you’ll need to know about this system, and this will be available for $9.

200 Dollars Blueprint 2.0 will be out today, September 27, 2016. It should be out later this morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you are interested with this product, be sure to read the review that we will soon add to this post before you make your purchase. Just bookmark this page and come back later if you want to check it out.


Everyone who has at least some experience making money on the Internet through an online business knows that this is not always an easy task. If only you can take one of those proven online money-making methods used by one of those successful digital entrepreneurs, copy it with a push of a button, and paste it right into your own business, right? Well, that certainly is an exaggeration, but Jani G. and his team promises something that comes close with their latest product, a course simply called Copy & Profit.

In this course, Jani and Ted Katz, one of his successful students will be revealing the exact sales funnel that they have used to rake in profits and make money in just 24 hours through free traffic. In a sense, Jani and Ted are basically giving their highly profitable funnel away to those who are willing to shell out the small fee of $7. Literally all you need to implement their money-making system is to copy the funnel down to the last detail and paste it to your landing page.

That’s all we know about the Copy & Profit for now. However, we are looking forward to know more about it once it goes live later today, September 27, 2016, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. By then, we will be reviewing the product, and you will find our review right on this post. If you want to check it out, be sure to bookmark this page and come back again shortly after the product goes live for our complete review.


No matter how many skills you manage to pick up through various online marketing courses, it means nothing if you cannot master and understand productivity. You can tackle that obstacle if you have the Productivity Mastery. This product is from Mike Currie, and you can get a copy when the product launches on the 26th of September 2016 at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The cost of the front-end product is only $5, which will be an easy investment to make considering what it offers.

This product will offer you a practical solution and a definite way to boost the skills and expertise you already have. It will help you to become more productive, not only in your business, but also in your daily life through time tested techniques for personal development. If you think this product is too technical for you to master, no worries because it is perfect for beginners.

It is also perfect for just about anyone, whether you are into making money online or want to know more about personal development. Investing in this product can only benefit you and make you better at what you do. It is a quick and easy way to become more productive, although you will put in a small effort that starts by getting a copy of this product. You might feel uncertain about committing to this productivity guide now, but we will also get a copy and provide a detailed review. In the meantime, bookmark this page and check back on that evaluation soon.


Marketers generate billions in revenue from Facebook, which means that it is the best place to reach out to your audience even if it means investing serious time and money on learning skills and hiring developers. With a product like OneSoci 2.0, you do not have to worry about your marketing budget going all over the place. This product is from Martin Crumlish and Lee Pennington and you can avail its features when it launches on the 26th of September 2016 at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The cost of the front-end product is $37+, which is a reasonable investment.

This product is the second version of the hugely successful OneSoci launched last year. What you can expect from the updated version is a refined app with in demand features that users want. It is Facebook API vetted and perfect for everyone who needs the best help in social media marketing no matter the type of list.

Investing in this product will provide you a unified solution that allows you to design a cover image, campaign ad images, and FB posts. You will also have access to powerful timeline opt-ins such as quizzes, contests, surveys and more. No more using isolated and costly tools for marketing because you will find all that you need with this one-stop dashboard.

This all in one Facebook marketing platform covers everything from research, managing posts, creating live ad campaigns, and even finding content. If you are interested in this product, we will find out if it delivers and post a comprehensive review. Bookmark this post for the meantime, and come back soon.


Successful internet marketers know the importance of building a solid list, but some methods come with a cost. With the strategy found in Legendary List Building, you do not have to bribe so that others would subscribe. This highly profitable product is from Jeff Sollee, who is an expert marketer and guru on list building. You can get the product when it launches on the 26th of September 2016 at 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The cost of the front-end product is $7, which makes it even more exciting to look forward to its features.

This product is an innovative list building blueprint that works in any niche. What sets it apart from other list building curses is that it does not make use of old fashioned principles. It also offers a way for you to profit from non-buyers, which you will not find in other list building methods.

When you invest in this product, you will receive 8 video modules that include step by step training with PDF slides. You should also expect homework, so you can take action in small manageable steps. If you expect to sit back and relax just by purchasing this course, then this is not for you because some hard work is necessary.

This is the ideal product if you want a responsive list that trusts you and a high converting method that will be a nice addition to what you already know. This course is also perfect for complete beginners. That is why you need to check out our full review soon and bookmark this post to learn more about the product.


You will not find many people who will cheer you on as you start and grow your online business. With Impact Income, you will find a team that is excited and willing to help you make more, and as a result, live more. This product is from Paul Counts and Paul Evans, who have both made money in real niches. You can get the product when it launches on the 26th of September 2016 at 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The cost of the front-end product is $1,997, which is no joke, but investing in a business will call for heavy resources.

This product is a special course that will introduce you to a unique method that will help you become successful with your business online. After taking on this training, you will have the skills to choose the right business model that suits you. You can also customize your business model in a way that increases your chances of success.

If you want to take control of your business, this is the right product to trust. It will provide you with a simple assessment that will help you find the right business, as well as top reasons online entrepreneurs fail and how you can avoid doing the same. While spending hard-earned money on this product is a tough decision, remember that you can generate a six-figure income per year in exchange.

It sounds like a sweet deal, but hesitation is understandable. That is why we will post a more in-depth evaluation after we get access for review. For the meantime, bookmark this post and check back with us soon.


How can you tell if a money making guide is the real deal? It can be difficult to spot empty promises from products, but with Easy Cash Machines, you will find a solution that truly delivers. This product, brought to you by Idrees Farooq, Zain Waseem, and Mushtak Mahroof, will go live on the 26th of September 2016 at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The front-end product is only $7, so you can look forward to its features instead of the cost.

What you can expect from this product is a complete video course, which includes a walk through that is easy to understand. If you choose to invest in this product, you will only be investing in your success. You can also feel at ease with how you achieve the rewards of your work.

With a legit product like Easy Cash Machines, you can be certain that this course will deliver, especially with a real life case study and proofs of earnings. Even though you can be successful online in a short amount of time after learning from this video course, you still have to put in the hard work. It is unlike other get rich quick products that end up teaching you out of date systems on how to earn online.

You can carry out legitimate ways to find easy cash online. However, you need to know the best way to start and that is through this product. We will have more information about the course once it launches, so bookmark this post and check back with our more detailed review soon.