WP Shoppable: An In-depth Review

When building a site, you obviously consider placing content on it. However, have you ever heard of interactive content? It is the kind of content that usually attracts visitors more. When compared to a still image, an interactive image is indeed more attractive. What if you can monetize your image? For example, you present an image filled with products you are selling, and your customers can easily click on the image of the product they want to buy. That would take a lot of technical skills in order to make that. Fortunately, just later this day, April 29, 2019, 10:00 EDT, Kurt Chrisler will be releasing a new WordPress plug-in called WP Shoppable, which will do just that.

This WordPress plug-in allows you to make your images interactive. WP Shoppable is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to place hotspots on your images that your customers can then click if they are interested in that product. This product has a simple “point-and-click” interface that even beginners in online marketing can easily make an interactive shoppable image without much effort.

WP Shoppable works in a very interesting way. You can place a hotspot on your image with just a click from your mouse. You can then edit the hotspot by putting your affiliate link on the hotspot so that interested customers will be redirected to your sales page. It is that simple.

Kurt Chrisler’s WP Shoppable is a very powerful and innovative tool that helps you to make interactive content so that your customers will be intrigued and in the end, buy your product. If you want to start making your own shoppable images, then get your hands on this product for the front-end price of only $17. If this product piqued your interest, then remember to press the bookmark button on your browser so that you can return to this page. We will soon be updating this post with more information regarding this product shortly after its launch.

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