A Comprehensive Review of WP-SalesPollPro

At some point in our lives, we have been to sites that welcome us with surveys or polls. This is basically the site owner’s efforts that aim to know more about us, their visitors, in an effort to serve us with more targeted promotional content. This is a very effective and engaging way to build your list as well, and you certainly would want to take advantage of it if you are looking to find success with your online business. That said, you would probably want to check out this tool from the fine folks at Firelaunchers called WP-SalesPollPro.

This product is a brand new WordPress plugin that lets you create polls and surveys for your site. It will launch on this very date, February 28, 2020. The plugin provides you with all the features that you will need to create highly engaging data-driven polls right on your WordPress dashboard. What’s more is that it does not stop at merely creating polls. It has a feature that segregates your visitors according to their answers and redirects them to different sites or pages depending on their responses. This further increases engagement as it will let you give your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

The launch of WP-SalesPollPro will go live this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. It will be available by then for the price of $16.95. We will update this post with a full review of this plugin shortly after its launch, so be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily access it by then.

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