WordPress Manager Pro Reviewed

WordPress has made website creation a lot easier for everyone, thanks to its versatility and the tons of plugins and themes it is compatible with. WordPress sites, though, can grow rather large over time, and organizing the whole thing can be quite a messy job. Mehdi Marani knows this, and his latest product addresses this issue. His new offer is called WordPress Manager Pro, and it is going to come live really soon.

This product is a Windows desktop software that has over 20 features that you can use to quickly and easily manage the settings of your WordPress site, thereby reducing the effort needed to manage your site’s front- and backend. The product also supports bulk content creation and deletion, and this applies to both posts, pages, users, tags, and many others. For those starting out, it can make a fresh WordPress installation to your cPanel hosting thanks to Sofaculous API, and create your site’s three important pages plus the required content: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and HTML Sitemap. This product sure won’t come cheap, but for this launch, it will be available for the price of $17.

WordPress Manager Pro will be out live on February 23, 2019. It’s launch is scheduled to begin on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Now if you are looking forward to this weekend launch, we highly recommend that you bookmark this page before you decide whether or not you should make the purchase. We will update this post by then with a full review of the product, as well as all the information that we can gather as we await this launch.

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