Software Review: VSL Maker

Sales letters have to be carefully crafted in such a way that you engage your prospect and eventually get them to buy into your pitch. Now that does not have to necessarily involve clever wording and offers that provide your subscribers benefit for their time. You can always opt to create a video sales letter or VSL instead, and be able to deliver your spiel in a very efficient and engaging manner. Creating a video sales letter would take some time, but Andrew Darius and his team has a new product that will make this less of an effort to you. This product is called VSL Maker and we are literally moments from its launch.

Set to go live today, April 7, 2020, this product is a software that creates high-converting sales videos and highly effective video scripts quickly. All that you need to do for this tool to do its job is simply fill up a form and hit submit — the software will then generate a script or a video-based script, whichever you need at the moment. Despite its name, the product can create more than video sales letters or VSL scripts, as it can also be used to generate affiliate reviews, explains, lead capture videos, video ads, webinar registration videos, and a whole lot more. It will be available for $37 and its launch will come live this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

A full review of VSL Maker will be added to this post soon after the product is out. If you want to know more about it, just add this page to your bookmarks and remember to return to this post right after the product is released.

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