Story Machine: Full Review

Roughly 50 percent of the world’s living human population owns a smartphone or any other mobile computing device. Most of these devices have access to the Internet and as such, this entire category of gadgets has become the primary vehicle for people to connect to the World Wide Web. As it is, mobile-optimized content is heavily consumed by the world’s populace, and you would not want to get left behind for that matter. Ankur Shukla has a new product that can help you out in this. This new offer of his is called Story Machine, and it will launch on March 26, 2020.

This product is a $27 software tool that basically turns any page or piece of content into a brief, attention-catching story that you can put anywhere on your site. The length of the content will not matter at all; the tool will cut it down to a size worthy of any story that will attract your target audience. The tool can also monetize these stories with ads or affiliate offers, and lets you add eye-catching calls-to-action. You can customize the stories further with HTML content, videos, and buttons, to name a few.

Story Machine will go live tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will go ahead and update this post with a full review of this offer as soon as it is live. Now if you are in need of more info on this product, bookmark this post and remember to check out this post again not long after the product is out.

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