A Detailed Review of Puzzle Book Mastery

Most people prefer to unwind by solving puzzle books, just to keep themselves sharp. That is why puzzle books sell like hotcakes in online markets or book stores. I think I know what you are thinking: “Maybe I can make myself some profit by making my own puzzle books.” However, even when we say that the puzzle books market is ‘underserved’, the existing competition will probably make it hard for you. It takes so much time and meticulous research/proofreading to create a puzzle book that is at least 50 pages. Well, on May 9, 2019, at around 10:00 EDT, a new product will launch that will change the game of making puzzle books. This cloud software product, developed by Ken Bluttman, is called Puzzle Book Mastery.

Puzzle Book Mastery will be available for the front-end price of only $27. This software allows you to create word-search, cryptogram, and Sudoku puzzles with just one click. The number of puzzles you create does not matter. You can easily create a puzzle book with well over 200 pages in under 10 seconds. Aside from the cloud software offered by this product, you also get a package containing complete training, over the shoulder case study, quick start cheatsheet, access to the member’s area, access to the Facebook group, how to use Canva video course, and a pack of 10 maze puzzles.

When using this product you do not need WordPress, a list, or even prior experience. The software has a very simple to use and user-friendly interface that even people without much technical knowledge or skills can easily use this to create their first puzzle book. No more hiring expensive freelancers just to get your first book done – do it yourself with Puzzle Book Mastery.

Puzzle Book Mastery is a unique and powerful cloud software that can easily rake you in some cash. If you want to start making your own puzzle books, or are just merely interested by the idea of a book creating software, then we highly recommend you to save this page by hitting that bookmark button. We will soon be updating this post, so remember to come back here shortly after this product has gone live.

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