Comprehensive Review of Premium eCover

We all have heard of that metaphorical phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”, yet it is quite the contrary when it comes to eBooks. The reality is that most buyers are inclined to purchase an eBook because it has an attractive cover. As a publisher wanting to put an amazing cover into your eBook, you might really find it difficult and rather expensive to get it done. However, what if we tell you that Shelly Penny and Eric Hammer’s newest product called Premium eCover will help make you beautiful eCovers for an affordable price?

Yes you read that right. Today, April 6, 2020, at exactly 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time, this newest product from Shelly and Eric will be launched. Interested buyers can get hold of the product for an affordable price of only $17 on the front end. Their product is a set of fully 40 brand new customizable eCovers. So what makes this one different from the ones that we have previously been sold online? These they say are absolutely gorgeous. It also comes with free training that teaches you how to edit these covers using free software.

We are sure there would be a lot of you out there who would be interested with Premium eCover. Well, we are too. In fact, we will be getting our hands on this product once it goes live. So if you want to hear about our opinion before purchasing this, make sure you have bookmarked this post before closing that browser, and make sure you return to check us out for the review.

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