Real Quick App: An In-Depth Review

Internet marketer Jeff C. will be releasing his latest product Real Quick App in the next 24 hours, this 21st of May in an unspecified time. From what little information we can gather, it’s a product that can teach you how to earn hundreds of dollars per day. Now that sounds too-good-to-be-true and might be […]

A Review of Rapid Subscribers 5.0

David Kirby, creator of the Rapid Subscribers & Sales series, will be launching his new product, Rapid Subscribers 5.0 in the 21st of May, 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT. Not much is known about this product, but we can easily assume that it’s an updated version of the previous iteration of the same name. We […]

Amazon Luggage PLR Mega Pack – A Quick Review

In May 21, 2013, 9:00 AM EDT, Frank Ayres will be launching his new product, the Amazon Luggage PLR Mega Pack. Not much is known about this product, as the developer has not released any useful detail yet. However, we will be on our watch for updates so as to keep you posted. These updates […]

A Review of Easy Mobi Creator: Sales Page Edition

This 21st of May at 11:00 AM EDT, developer MrMarketer will launch the Easy Mobi Creator: Sales Page Edition. Obviously, this is a mobile product. There isn’t any detail released with regard to this product as yet. However, we will keep watch for more updates in the near future until we can finally wrap things […]

Chris Winning’s “7 Steps to Organized Success” Reviewed

This 21st of May, author Chris Winning will be launching his product called 7 Steps to Organized Success. It is an e-book that primarily focuses on management, condensed into seven major steps. 7 Steps to Organized Success basically builds on the premise of finding success online. It’s yet to be released so we can’t tell […]

A Short Review of the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

Tomorrow, May 21, 2013, at 8:00 AM EDT, developer Pawan Agrawal will be launching the WordPress plugin MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad. This plugin will generate a stripe on top of a webpage, on which an unobtrusive text advertisement will be shown. Judging from the previews, the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad seems so easy to use and is […]

WP Auto Mall WP Theme: An In-Depth Review

By 11:00 AM EDT this 21st of May, 2013, Jamie Garside and his team will be launching the WP Automall WP Theme. As its name implies, it is a WordPress theme for use in car-dealing websites. It is described as highly customizable and is responsive to mobile devices. We are looking forward to the release […]

Now Reviewing: Easy Paycheck Formula 2

Tomorrow, May 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT, Internet marketer Sara Young will be holding a three-day reopen of her affiliate marketing course entitled “Easy Paycheck Formula 2”. The same course has been held last year. Young teaches an easy, unique system that primarily uses freeware, designed to deliver both Google and non-Google search traffic […]

A Quick Review of Rabbit Whiteboard Video

Dean Rodd, a whiteboard video creator from, will be launching his company’s whiteboard video creation software, the Rabbit Whiteboard Video. The launch date will be today, May 20, 2013, at 11:00 AM EDT. It is described as easy, professional, and inexpensive. We’ve yet to know if it delivers on its promise however, and for […]