A Detailed Review of The Online Starter Kit

At 11:00 AM EDT today, the 5th of July 2013, Andy Benson will be releasing the latest of his line of products, called The Online Starter Kit. It will come at a reasonable price of $7. The Online Starter Kit is a guide. Besides that fact, not much is known about this product at the […]

Desmond Ong and Edmund Loh’s Noah’s Confession: A Review

Internet marketers Desmond Ong and Edmund Loh are set to release a new product at 12:00 PM EDT today, the 5th of July 2013. The price is not announced yet, and we’ll surely know how much this product will cost as soon as it’s out in the market. Noah’s Confession is an information product that […]

An In-Depth Review of URL Shot Gun

Anthony Aires and his team will be releasing to the online market his latest product on July 19, 2013. It has quite a powerful-sounding name: the URL Shot Gun. This will be available at 11:00 AM EDT of the aforementioned date at a $27 initial price. The URL Shot Gun is a tool that will […]

Software Review: Abbas Ravji’s SociSynd

Internet marketer Abbas Ravji will be releasing his new product, the software SociSynd on the 17th of July 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT. It will initially come at a reasonable $17 price that’s expected to rise gradually to $197. SociSynd is a portmanteau of the words “social” as in social media and “syndication”. This software […]

EngageRocket: A Quick Review

In less than two days from the time of this writing, online marketer Mark Thompson will launch his latest product called the EngageRocket. This will launch on the 16th of July 2013 at 11:00 AM at a reasonable $27 price. The EngageRocket is a WordPress plugin that allows you to leverage the Facebook Open Graph, […]

Rapid Content Wizard by Sean Donahoe et al: A Review

On July 15, 2013, Internet marketer Sean Donahoe and his team will be launching a new product called the Rapid Content Wizard. This software will arrive in the online market at a reasonable price of $27 which will gradually rise to $37 over time. The Rapid Content Wizard is a software that’s designed to generate […]

An In-Depth Review of Video Curation Pro

Internet marketer Dan Lew and Peter Drew will be releasing their latest product some time on the 12th of July 2013. This product is called the Video Curation Soft and it will cost a monthly fee of $27 for a one-video-per-run single license, $37 for a one-video-per-run three-computer license, $67 for an unlimited video three-computer […]

A Quick and Comprehensive Review of Free Subscribers Takeover

At 12:00 PM EDT today, the 3rd of July 2013, online entrepreneur Tom Yevsikov will be releasing his newest offering, the Free Subscribers Takeover. It will cost a reasonable $8.47 upon launch and may increase in the near future. The Free Subscribers Takeover is an information product where Tom details how he generated 2,500 at […]

Josh Precht’s ReviewRocket Plugin: A Review

Online entrepreneur Josh Precht will be introducing the new ReviewRocket Plugin later at 11:00 AM EDT today, July 3, 2013. It will cost $17 upon launch, a price that will eventually go up until it hits $37. ReviewRocket is a premium reviewing and rating WordPress plugin. It features an unlimited review criteria, three reviewing styles, […]