EZ AzonCartLink Plugin: A Quick Review

Online entrepreneur Leo BCBiz will be releasing his latest product, the EX AzonCartLink Plugin. Priced at $37, it will be released at 11:00 AM EDT today, the first day of July 2013. This plugin gives WordPress users the ability to display an Amazn Add to Cart Link within their posts and pages. This can basically […]

A Full Review of InstantCash411.com

Internet entrepreneur Miguel Rengifo’s InstantCash411.com went live on the same date as of this writing, the 1st of July 2013. It launched just a few hours earlier, specifically at 00:01 AM EDT at the reasonable price of $10 per month. The product is obviously a website. To be more precise, it is a membership site […]

22 Social: Is It Worth Your Money?

Online entrepreneur Troy James will launch his new product 22 Social at 2:20 PM EDT tomorrow, the 29th of June 2013. It will be initially priced at $22. Whether or not the cost will rise over time is yet to be confirmed. 22 Social, a. k. a. 22s, is a marketing app that was described […]

Kindle Cash Explosion: A Quick Review

Later today, the 28th of June 2013, online entrepreneur Tudor Pangal will be releasing his new product, the Kindle Cash Explosion. It is set to go live this afternoon at 1:00 PM EDT, at a price of $9. This product is a 48-page report. It details everything that Tudor has learned about Kindle publishing, which […]

An In-Depth Review of Alex Sebastian’s WP Viral Mate

Internet entrepreneur Alexander Sebastian will be launching his latest offering, the WP Viral Mate, today, the 28th of June 2013. It will go live later at 11:00 AM EDT and will come at an initial price of $27. The WP Viral Mate is a plugin described by Alex as a “state-of-the-art WordPress savior”. This is […]

A Quick Review of the Offline Promo-Pak: Mobile Marketing Edition

Internet marketer Matt Boland will launch his latest product at 11:00 AM EDT tomorrow, June 28, 2013. It’s called the Offline Promo-Pak: Mobile Marketing Edition, a product package initially priced at $8 which will gradually rise until it costs $10. The Offline Promo-Pak: Mobile Marketing Edition is a package of professionally-designed lead generation tools including […]

WP Pattern Interrupt: Just How Good Is It?

At 9:00 AM EDT tomorrow, the 28th of June 2013, Internet entrepreneur Dan Lew and company will be releasing their latest offering: the WP Pattern Interrupt. The standard single user license for this product will come at an initial price of $10 while an unlimited license will cost $17 upon launch. Keep in mind that […]

Chaim Stein’s Easy Split Tester Reviewed

Launching at 11:AM EDT tomorrow – that is, June 28, 2013 – is the Easy Split Tester, a new product from Internet entrepreneur Chaim Stein. It is priced at $12 initially and will gradually increase in cost until it hits $27. So what’s this product? It is, simply put, a WordPress plugin whose express purpose […]