A Detailed Look and Review of Funnel360

Have you ever been stuck as an entrepreneur? You get an idea for a product or business, you have vision, you have confidence and know the correct steps to make it a reality, but your dream gets blocked all because of the need to create a website, a good landing page, an explainer video, or even graphics. Aspiring entrepreneurs like you have probably spent countless amounts of time and money hopping from software to software just trying to make the perfect sales funnel with killer graphics and explainer videos for your product. And that is not the worst part – the worst part is that all these efforts have become futile. However, with this brand new piece of software called Funnel360 created by Dr. Ope Banwo, Simon J. Warner, and Med Amine, creating your sales page will no longer be extremely tedious.

Funnel360 is the world’s first ever AI integrated page creator, funnel creator, video maker, and graphics design software, which will soon hit the online market shelves on the 4th of May, 2019, 11:00 EDT. Basically, it is about all the software necessary for creating amazing marketing pages rolled into one. It allows you to make high converting marketing pages like squeeze pages, sales pages, upsell pages, thank-you pages, membership pages, and more with over hundreds of templates. If somehow none of the templates suits your style, you can easily make your own page from scratch with the software’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface. This product is completely newbie friendly and does not need any technical skills or knowledge to operate.

This specially developed software contains all the best individual features of the most powerful tools available in the internet, minus the high price tag. You can get a copy of Funnel360 for the front-end price of only $37. If you are interested in this product, then we highly recommend you to save this page by pressing the bookmark button on your browser. We will be updating this post with our full review shortly after the product has launched.

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