Craig’s Lead Map 2020: A Review

Finding leads ranks high in the hierarchy of an online marketer’s to-do list. This certainly is no easy work, but it is rewarding to have a list of prospects that have the highest likelihood of entertaining your pitch and eventually biting into your offer. Now Internet marketer Mike Paul has a new way of attracting leads, and this involves what many would consider the shady back alley of the Internet — Craigslist. This new Craigslist lead generation strategy will be detailed in his upcoming course Craig’s Lead Map 2020.

This course is pretty much what you will call a Craigslist playbook for people who are looking to build their list through Craigslist. It is designed with offline consultants in mind, and the method offers plenty of benefits. For one, it is easy to deploy, effective, and quite powerful in that there is low competition in Craigslist due to recent policy changes, the templates are proven to convert in this site, and the flow of leads is consistent across various niches. It will not require thorough technical expertise and you have paid and free versions of this method to choose from; whichever route you go, the results are guaranteed. This product will cost $27 for this launch, which is scheduled for this day, March 25, 2020, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

We will update this post with a full review of Craig’s Lead Map 2020 shortly after the launch has gone live. If you want to learn more about it, be sure to bookmark this post and check it out again by then.

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