BUZZ: A Traffic Generation Software

Traffic generation is one of the hottest topics in the Internet marketing scene these days. Most of the talks involve driving traffic to your offers, and this can be quite a tricky matter. Perhaps one of the best traffic generation strategies is making enough number of the right people to talk about whatever it is that you are promoting in order to drive traffic to your offer. This is something that you can achieve through social media, although this is by no means an easy task. Daniel Adetunji’s newest product, BUZZ, is something that can potentially make this a lot easier for you.

Launching today, August 25, 2020, Daniel’s latest offer is a cloud-based platform that practically automates traffic generation from six major sources, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, and Youtube. These traffic sources boast an active userbase of 1.2 billion, and the system takes advantage of this through advanced content curation techniques that are intended to attract real people and deliver nothing less than sweet organic traffic. For this to be possible, the platform comes equipped with various social media marketing tools for all featured social networking sites, including one-click publishing, post scheduling, and a post viewer.

BUZZ will go live today at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and it will initially cost $17. Now if you want to sit out the early bird bonuses and want to learn more about the product first instead, bookmark this page and drop by again not long after the launch has come live. We will add a comprehensive review of the product to this post at that point.

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