AiBotNinja: Ninja Fast Review

Automation is the way of the future, and Facebook Messenger bots will revolutionize the face of customer service, marketing, and sales as we know it. Messenger bots are a great way for a business to directly interact with its customers, as these bots utilize the use of A.I. or artificial intelligence, to formulate very human responses. Those kinds of complex bots however, are hard to make and may cost hundreds of dollars if you want someone else to make one for you. What if you can make your own Messenger bot that is “intelligent”, minus the complex coding processes? That is exactly what AiBotNinja, developed by ChatLeads, is offering you, and it will soon hit the online market on May 28, 2019, at 15:00 EDT.

AiBotNinja is a Messenger bot creating software that allows you to create a bot that is very complex and “intelligent” without manually coding it. It comes with a simple drop-and-drag editor that allows you to customize the bot’s responses. It also allows you to customize the bot’s presented options when a customer asks something. The customer can then just choose between the various options that bot has presented, and you can then add another response if you want to. You can also customize the bot’s criteria, in what keywords it is looking for when the customer actually directly chats with it, while not pressing any of the presented options. It is able to “scan” the customer’s chat for a certain keyword and reply with a response you have created that is “tied” to the keyword.

It is time to gain the upper hand for your business. Start creating complex A.I. powered Messenger bots by purchasing AiBotNinja for the front-end price of only $37. We will soon be updating this post regarding the full features and details of the product. So, if the concept of Messenger bots or this product interests you, then save this page so you can easily come back here shortly after the product has gone live. To do that, simply bookmark this page on your browser.

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