A Review of Hooman Mardokhi’s WpDev Class

Internet entrepreneur Hooman Mardokhi has launched his WpDev class yesterday morning, the 20th of June 2013 at 9:00 AM EDT. This product costs a rather hefty $997.

Yes, that’s quite a big price, and what do you get with that? Your $997 will net you a set of recorded tutorials that’s meant to help aspiring web and software developers master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, as well as the basics of running a hi-tech software business. Once done with the basics, the student may advance to creating WP plugins and, eventually, mobile applications. On top of this, students will get one-on-one feedback on their progress.

We’ve just ordered our copy of the WpDev class so, quite sadly, we won’t be able to post a full review yet. However, you may bookmark this post and check back in the next 24 hours if you want our opinion on this virtual class before you hit the buy button.


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