WP Blazer Reviewed

WordPress is one of the most versatile web development platforms out there, rivaled only by a couple of similar platforms that many of us may not have heard of. WordPress basically allows you, provided the right tools and/or technical ability, to build just about any site and customize them to your liking. Barring technical skill, this is made possible by thousands of plugins that add functionality, as well as themes that can easily serve as the site’s aesthetic framework while providing some functions. There are also tools and software that can help make WordPress easier for you, and here’s one that has gotten our attention: the WP Blazer from Cindy Donovan and her team.

Now what is this Blazer thing all about? Well, it’s a plugin that provides automation to website back ups, which takes much load off of the site administrator’s shoulders. It is a software that can back up and secure your site without giving you much to do besides installing and activating it. The plugin’s dashboard is fairly easy to use, and you won’t spend much time to set the whole thing up according to your preference. It will be available for $9.97 per month, $37 per year, or a one time purchase of $47.

Cindy is launching the WP Blazer today, May 8, 2017. It should go live later at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. That’s all we know about the product so far. If this brief review interests you in it, be sure to hang around when the product is launched. Better yet, just bookmark this page and go on with whatever else you are doing and then come back shortly after the product goes live; we will update this page by then with an up-to-date and more complete review.

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