A Full Review of VideoRemix Local 360

The video is a very effective means of promoting something on the Internet. It grabs viewer’s attention, the content then keeps them hooked, and all this opens up plenty of opportunities for engagement. The creation of video content, however, is understandably hard and tedious, and may require a specific set of skills just to get great results. If you are lacking the necessary video creation skills, though, you can always turn to one of those video creation tools available on the Internet. One of these is VideoRemix Local 360, the latest offer Simon Warner and his team.

This new product is a cloud based software application that will help you create Local360º and then make profits almost immediately. This app can do all these in but three simple steps. The first involves capturing 360º media and import it into the app, recording some appropriate audio through Clyp.it, and then editing your raw footage into a comprehensible and engaging video; no rendering is needed at this point. The next step involves adding engaging elements like calls-to-action and text, all of which feature attractive aesthetics to effectively grab attention. Lastly, the app then distributes the video you created to thousands of your audience, making use of autoresponders and the social media.

VideoRemix Local 360 will be available for $197, and it will launch today, February 7, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Please do take time to bookmark this page and come back shortly after the launch; we will update this page by then with a detailed review.

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