Review: Video Overplay

Many marketing campaigns these days won’t be complete without a video to initially engage customers. True enough, videos can easily grab people’s attention and keep them in the seat long enough to be convinced to perform the desired actions, like subscribing or heading straight to your sales page. Though it has been a while since videos have become a staple in online marketing, it’s never too late for anyone to catch up; in fact, there are plenty of tutorials and guides that can help you in that regard. A rather comprehensive guide that we have come across for that matter is this new release from Mo Flah called Video Overplay.

It is not a coincidence that YouTube has grown by about 13% yearly, and that more and more marketers have considered videos to be a crucial part of their campaigns. Simply put, an increasing number of people have gone to rely on YouTube to connect with businesses, which lends videos a lead-to-close rate that’s far higher than other media. This new guide from Mo Flah explores all of these concepts, and will teach you how to catch up in the rapidly-changing video marketing world.

Video Overplay has launched today, April 28, 2017, exactly at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. It is available for $27, although this price may go up as the launch progresses. If you want to know more about this product while it is cheap, then, be sure to bookmark this page and just come back in a short while. We are currently reviewing this product and will soon be updating this page with a complete and comprehensive review.

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