Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator: Reviewed

Presentations, regardless of whether or not the information it contains piques the audience’s interest, can be boring especially if it’s nothing more than some plain text with pretty colors in the background. A little bit of embellishment can help you engage your audience better. If you want to add some personality to your presentations, though, you will need to learn to make use of mascot presenters. You can practically buy animated mascots online, but most of these are one-off characters that you can barely customize. Now if you are looking to create your own unique character presenter but don’t have the skills to do so, Patria Gani has a new product that can help you out: the Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator.

This product is a set of mascots that you can design in any way you want. Indeed, the sky is the limit here as there are so many graphic assets that you mix and match to come up with your very own unique character. Furthermore, the mascots and everything else are designed by a seasoned graphic designer and are thus professionally-made. The mascots come as transparent PNG and layered PSD files, and they are compatible with GIMP so you don’t need to have the expensive software Photoshop at your disposal.

Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator costs $17 and it has launched today, July 18, 2016. It certainly is a great buy considering its price, although the downside is that you will need to learn a bit of Photoshop or GIMP before you can actually use this product. Now the launch is ongoing as of the time of this writing, and we will keep you posted with new information right on this page. Be sure to bookmark this page if you are interested, and come back later for our updates.

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