SUPER Video Pack Reviewed

Videos are great for any marketing business, or pretty much any business that needs some marketing done. This is due to the fact that the video is a rather engaging medium which, when done right, can easily capture your audience’s attention, get them hooked to your presentation, and have them hear about your offers. Videos are quite difficult to create, but thankfully, there are tools available in the online market that makes video creation a breeze even for the most inexperienced marketer. Such, it appears, is what the folks at WhiteboardVideoBox is aiming for with their upcoming product, the SUPER Video Pack.

This product is a package of whiteboard videos that are intended primarily for marketing purposes. This package will include 100 “done for you” animated videos. As you can guess from the title, these animations will simulate a whiteboard presentation, complete with drawings and other creative elements that represent ideas. This video package will be available for the price of $47, and whether or not this is going to be a dime sale is something that we are yet to figure out.

WhiteboardVideoBox is launching the SUPER Video Pack today, the date being February 13, 2018. It is scheduled to come live later at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. In a short while after this new product goes live, we are going to update this post with a full review. If you are interested in this product but would love to see our review first, we recommend that you bookmark this page and just come back shortly after the product launches.

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