StoryVideo Volume 2 Reviewed

Videos can easily make a great impact on one’s marketing campaign. A video customized for a certain landing page, for instance, can easily convert all the traffic that you drive to the site, or even bring in more traffic that you can convert somewhere else. Videos, however, can, depending on your level of skill, take a lot of time and effort to create. Well, these days, you don’t really need to put in a lot of work to add a video to your campaign when you can simply purchase it off the Internet. Jay Allred, for one, has such a product that has gotten our attention. It’s called the StoryVideo Volume 2 and we’ll see it launch soon.

This new product is a set of five videos for the most popular local niches out there. The niches in question include dentistry, limo service, locksmith, pediatric dentistry, and solar energy. These videos can work as an integral part of your marketing campaign, or you can package it with your services as an online consultant for businesses in one of the aforementioned offline niches.

StoryVideo Volume 2 will be launching on February 13, 2017, and we are going to see it come live on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. It will be available by then for $9, and this price is set to increase to its regular pricing of $11 as the launch progresses. If you want to know more about this brand upcoming product, just bookmark this page and come back soon after this product is launched. We are going to update this page right after the launch with our completer review.

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