A Brief Review of SP Influencer 3.0

Influencers, as we all know, are something that we can call online celebrities, and these folks hold sway over their legions of adoring fans and interested followers. Any social media marketer who knows his thing work to tap into the popularity of these influencers, while others strive to become influencers themselves. Regardless of the path you take in this matter, however, here’s a product that will surely be of interest to you. It’s called SP Influencer 3.0, and it is launching soon.

The SP Influencer is a beginner friendly course from Paul Favors, and it intended for use in YouTube, and it will show you how you can get top YouTube influencers to promote you in YouTube and their respective social media accounts. We have seen two iterations of this product in the past, although we were not able to check it out. This edition expands upon the existing information of its last version, and it does offer plenty of great insights on influencer marketing as well as new up-to-date information that can be of use to newbies and seasoned marketers alike.

SP Influencer 3.0 has gone live today, April 24, 2018, at 1:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It was available for $8 at the start of this launch, and this price has been rising ever since until it hits its standard $13 tag. We will update this review with more information as this launch progresses, so if you wish to keep a close eye on this launch, just bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

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