Reviewed: [PLR] Explore the Solar System

There are many markets to invest in on the Internet, and one that might suit just about anyone is the education niche. Academic types are always hungry for information, and if it’s something that their young ones can use, they know worse than to not invest in it. That said, the education niche is something that you can set up a new income stream in, and there are many products that can help you do so. On that account, we have come across a new product that would certainly help you get started in this niche market. This product is called the [PLR] Explore the Solar System, and it is set to launch really soon.

This new PLR product is advertised by its creator, Ken Bluttman, as something that would sell to educators and parents—particularly the home schooling types—alike. The core product, as is made obvious in the PLR product’s name, is a collection of comprehensive and engaging information on the Solar System. The products that you can sell to your clients includes facts sheets and a 4,400-word e-book on space exploration and its history. For your end, this PLR package will come with a professionally designed opt in page, a 1,042-word report titled Made For Space that you can use as lead magnet, royalty-free high quality images, and done-for-you keyword research that should help with your search engine optimization efforts. All these will be available for $7.

[PLR] Explore the Solar System is going to launch today, December 12, 2017, at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to check out this page once the product goes live, as we will have this PLR product reviewed by then and will update this page with our complete review.

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