[PLR] Consultant Funnel – Mobile App Marketing: An In-Depth Review

Online consultation is one of the hottest businesses out in the World Wide Web these days, thanks in no small part to the eagerness of local businesses to take their reaches beyond the walls of their brick-and-mortar establishments to the virtual realms of the Internet. The prevalence of the Internet in our daily lives made it a fertile ground for business, and also provided ample opportunities for consultants, particularly for those working in the Internet marketing niche. If you are looking to cater to such consultants rather than be one yourself, here’s a new product that you will certainly find useful: [PLR] Consultant Funnel – Mobile App Marketing from Drew Laughlin and team.

This new PLR package is an entire lead magnet and sales funnel that you can offer to marketers and consultants who are looking to offer their services to offline businesses in the mobile app marketing niche. As a lead magnet, this is designed to generate leads for your customers, and for that matter, it will come complete with a lead gen site, lead gen videos, reports, and more. All of these will be available for the single price of $17.

[PLR] Consultant Funnel – Mobile App Marketing is coming live on April 24, 2018, and it is launching on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you want to learn more about this new product, just visit this page right after the product launches. We will add a complete review to this page by then; bookmark this post as well, so you can easily access it if you wish to check out our review.

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