Software Review: Pixal Evolution

Imagery is important in Internet marketing, and even in the world of business in general. Images pretty much help entrepreneurs and marketers convey messages that will increase awareness of their products, services, or whatever it is that they are offering or are trying to promote. Indeed, stimulating your audience’s visual senses is pretty much getting to their very souls, and it is thus important to maintain imagery that makes lasting impressions. In this day and age, we make use of graphic software that allows us to translate ideas into pictorial representations, our creativity being the only limit. The Pixal Evolution is one such tool, and this is one of the few designed with online marketers in mind.

Created by Paul Okeefe, Chris Jenkins, and Richard Fairbairn, Pixal is an IAB compliant graphic design software. This means that you can use it not just to create graphics that can really stand out, but can also be used in any CPA network. This graphic software can help you create more than just pretty pictures—it also has features that allow you to add videos, animations, text effects, video backgrounds, HTML, and more to your output. The software is professionally done and is not that cheap, though, as it will be available for a price tag starting at $67.

Pixal Evolution is set to launch tomorrow, that is, July 27, 2017. It’s launch is scheduled on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. As soon as the product is launched, we will update this page with a comprehensive review, so if you are interested, be sure to be around during the launch. You might want to bookmark this page as well for easier access.

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