A Short Review of Backlink Detonator V2.0

MAO FLYNN is to release the Backlink Detonator V2.0. The product will be released on the 29th of September, 2014, after which we will release a comprehensive review. Besides that, we only know that this is a software and has something to do with backlinks, so you better come back to this space for more […]

vTargeter: A Review

Jason Potash will be launching his first product entitled “vTargeter” towards the end of this month. There are still no details available as of this moment, except for the launch date, which will be on the 29th. We will have this post updated the moment we get additional information about the vTargeter. There will also […]

A Short Review of Showcase App Profit Formula

Saul Maraney is set to release his first product, the Showcase App Profit Formula. The product will be released on the 27th of September, 2014, at 11:00 AM EST. Initially, the product will be sold at a very reasonable price of $4. The Showcase App Profit Formula is a 29 page long instructional video on […]

Easiest Money Ever 3.0 Review

Peter Szabo will be releasing the Easiest Money Ever 3.0 a week from now, specifically the 27th of September 2014 at 11:00 AM EST. This product has been developed and improved for over two years. The Easiest Money Ever 3.0 will teach you the easiest way to make money online. This is not just another […]

Online Paycheck System: The Review

Internet entrepreneur Jawad is going to offer online entrepreneurs his first product, something that will teach customers how to make their first $1000 income from affiliate marketing easily. Within a week, he will be launching an affiliate marketing product with a lot of training videos. This product is called the Online Paycheck System, and it […]

A Quick Review of Local Business Breach

On the 26th of September 2014, at 11:00 AM EST, Paul James will be releasing his latest product, the Local Business Breach. It is scheduled to go live at 11:00 AM EST, and will be sold for $12. Local Business Breach is a unique course that you not seen being taught before. This is the […]

Million Dollar Sales Video: A Brief Review

Internet marketer Alex Jeffreys has authored several products related to online marketing. His latest product is the Million Dollar Sales Video. This will be out in the market next week, September 26, 2014, at exactly 11:00 AM EST. The front-end price is at $7-$11. The Million Dollar Sales Video is a about the formula used […]

A Review of Tube Linkwheel Commando

The Tube Linkwheel Commando is the first of Neil Justin’s releases. It is basically a product that will cost $27 to $47. It will be released a week from now, September 25, 2014 and will go live at 2:00 PM EST. We still have to get information about the Tube Linkwheel Commando from Neil himself. […]

Ivana Bosnjak’s Giga Pro Launch Review

Ivana Bosnjak will be re-launching one of her products, the Giga Pro Launch within a week. The scheduled launch date is on September 25, 2014, at 10:00 AM EST. This time, the price is lowered to $8, compared to when it was first launched back in December 31st 2013, when it was priced at $27. […]

The PPD Cash Recipe by Dylan Wittman: A Review

Internet entrepreneur Dylan Wittman is launching his very first affiliate product called “The PPD Cash Recipe” this 25th of September. We will see it launching at 9:00 AM EST. The price for the product during the launch will be at $10. For now, we still have to get more information on what this product is […]