SurveyFlow: Short Review

A customer’s opinion is very important for a business. Think of it as constructive criticism – they may not totally enjoy whatever you offered them, but take their advice, and they might just come back and love you for what you did. However, gathering feedback is not entirely easy. Some people go to extreme lengths […]

[PLR] Absolute Juicing: In-depth Review

People used to be amazed of “commercial” foods such as canned goods, instant foods, powdered juice, etc. But now, people are realizing that these kinds of foods are actually toxic for the human body, and that is why they are starting to make the move towards “organic” food. One of the things that a majority […]

A Simple Review of Eatance Restaurant App

An effective restaurant should not only establish a firm foothold in the real world, but also establish itself online. Being able to reach out to an online audience may dictate whether a restaurant is successful or not. However, setting up online is tricky, that is why most restaurant owners shun the idea of having an […]

A Detailed Review of Keyword Question Commander

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very complex task. It requires actual skill to actually do proper SEO, and not to mention hours of work put into both your website and research. Sure, there are SEO tools that promise you instant rankings, but we all know that most of those do not work and […]

Ivana The’s Thumbnail Monster: Thoroughly Reviewed

Getting views in YouTube is quite a struggle for beginners. Of all the factors, one of the factors that most beginners struggle with is the thumbnail. A video’s thumbnail may dictate whether or not a video gets views or not. However, not all of us have the necessary skill and experience to actually make stunning […]

Unleash The Ca$h Cow Within: Quick Review

Trevor Emdon will be launching his brand-new product called Unleash The Ca$h Cow Within soon, on July 22, 2019, at approximately 10 o’clock in Eastern Daylight Time. Making money online is a great way to earn, but doing so demands not only skill, but also patience and experience. You cannot expect to make money in […]

A Comprehensive Review of Local Job Board Killer

Business owners are constantly struggling when it comes to hiring new people. Although one can say that the applicant is much more stressed compared to the business owner behind the recruitment, it is actually the recruiters who are way more stressed than the applicants. They are constantly on edge due to unqualified applicants, false resumes, […]

A Review of [PLR] Solar Power Profits

On the 18th of July this 2019, at exactly 10:00 EDT, the team behind Ignition PLR will soon be launching their new product called [PLR] Solar Power Profits. People are constantly demanding energy. After all, we could barely live in a world without electricity. However, the constant demand for energy also calls for a constant […]

A Lightning Fast Review of Roofers Marketing Packs

On July 16, 2019, at 10:00 in Eastern Daylight Time, Simon Lim will be back with another product called Roofers Marketing Packs. Local services and businesses need to actually let people know that they exist. That is why they are on a constant lookout for marketing services. They want people to market their business, services, […]