My Product Store Reviewed

If you want to be able to list a digital product live and on sale in less than 60 Seconds without the complexity, fees, and high-ticket coaching programs, then it is time to check out My Product Store. Chris Hitman will help you change the status quo of paying too much for complex platforms with this new product. You can get access when it launches on the 9th of January 2017 at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time. The cost of the front-end is only $67, a real bargain when you consider the features that are in store for you.

My Product Store is the first platform on the market that allows users to sell info products such as e-courses, videos, PDFs, audiobook, locked content, and downloads using a simple “WordPress like” WYSIWIG interface. You do not have to worry about learning any tech skills, or worry about the high running costs. Once you have created your first product, the platform will create an automatic product store for you and a landing page for each product. The store pages are fully SEO enhanced for maximum search engine rankings, but the best feature is the easy integration with PayPal.

All you have to do is insert your PayPal email address, and you are ready to sell. It is also capable of automatically making pages for members only. Overall, this convenient solution will effectively assist you in selling digital goods. We want to help you in making the practical decision of investing, so kindly bookmark this post and mark your calendar, because we will provide you with a comprehensive product review soon.

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