MaticPress: A Full Review

We can’t say search engine optimization or SEO these days without even thinking about content. Indeed, ever since Google’s animals came to change the SEO game, site optimization and content have become two nearly inseparable entities. However, content is not something that you can just come up with in a whim. Creating one will need a bit of thinking, and not everyone has the time and the skill for that matter. Now, a new product from Tantan Hilyatana and team is promised to help you with your content creation needs. It’s called MaticPress and we will see it launch in a day from now.

This brand new product will be launching on June 23, 2016. We will see it go live on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. A single site license will be available for $27, while an unlimited site license can be yours for $29. These price points will come at a discounted price of $24 and $27, respectively.

MaticPress is a WordPress theme provides the solution to the problem of populating your site with that much-needed content. It leverages the power of crowd content as well as content curation, which basically means that you source your content from other people than struggle coming up with your own or go about spending money to outsource your content to professional writers.

We will know whether or not this product delivers once we review it shortly after it launches. If you are interested, just bookmark this page and come back on launch date, as we will be adding our review to this post.

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