LogoBiz with Resell Rights: A Quick Review

The logo is pretty much the face of every brand. While it does not equate to the brand itself, it easily gives the brand its very own visual identity that makes it distinct from its competitors as well as similar brands from different industries. Logos are of such importance that companies are more than willing to pay tens or hundreds of bucks per design, making logo design a great way to earn money despite the rise of automation that makes the whole process quicker and easier for everyone, at the expense of uniqueness and originality. If you are looking to earn money through logo design, Firelaunchers has a great product that for you: LogoBiz with Resell Rights.

This product is a package of over 300 professionally-designed logos. Each logo is available in both PSD and PNG formats, and are organized in over 30 categories representing hot, in-demand niches. As these logos are editable, you can alter them any way you please to satisfy your client, or sell them as is. Alternatively, you can resell the entire package, and it helps that the package is available for this launch at the highly discounted price of $16.

Firelaunchers will be releasing LogoBiz with Resell Rights on July 31, 2018. That would be Tuesday of the next week, and the product is set to go live by then at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Once it is up, we will add our complete review to this very post, so if you want to learn more about this brand new product, do be sure to bookmark this page and just return shortly after the product is out.

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