A Detailed Review of Live Event Blaster

Every online marketer knows that video is their best bet as the most powerful marketing tool is video. However, with more and more people doing videos these days, you might notice it is becoming really hard to get videos ranked on Google and YouTube. If you want to find a method that could give you that advantage, you might want to check out Vlad and Stoica’s Live Event Blaster, which will be launched on July 15, 2016 at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Live Event Blaster is a software that lets you stream a local video file as your own live event on YouTube. You basically get to exploit the power of live events on YouTube. You can instantly create, schedule and stream hundreds of different events by just pushing 2 buttons. The software itself will also track your views and rankings. You might wonder, why are we making a big fuss about Live Events?

Live Events is the biggest new feature that has been added to YouTube since its launch in 2005. A completely new way to make use of YouTube for those who have the knowledge and tool to take advantage of it. They are essentially considered as live news by YouTube’s own algorithm, giving them an unfair advantage over regular videos. This means they get higher rankings and are indexed faster. Can you imagine 50k people watching your video within an hour? Yes that is possible and without SEO done. The good thing about this is that you can use Live Events on any niche, as long as it is streamed as a live event, then it is considered as news.

Sounds neat? Well for only $27 you can get your own copy of this software, but this is a dimesale and price will rise with each sale. However, if you want to make sure if this is a good investment, you would want to bookmark this post now, and return to it shortly after the launch. This will give us time to examine the product and come up with our review, which we will post as an update to this post.

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