Reviewed: List Segmenting Machine

We all know that email marketing is a very effective way at selling things online. This is because email marketing delivers promotions to the inboxes of a highly targeted audience. For this to be possible, however, one will need to be able to build a high quality list, meaning one composed of folks that would actually open the promotional emails, click on the links, and at least check out the products on offer. If you find doing this a little too intimidating or difficult, this new product from Miso Mlakic and Michael Sirois might interest you. It’s called the List Segmenting Machine and we will be seeing it launch soon.

This product is a plugin for use in WordPress sites. What it does is that it lets users automate just about every task in their email marketing campaigns, with list building and list management getting a healthy amount of attention. In particular, it segments your existing list based on their interests, which means that you get groups of audiences with very specific needs, to which you can offer specific products that addresses their requirements. The plugin can also sift your list of potential non-buyers, thus ensuring high conversions and leaving only those who are actually interested in belonging to your list and getting the products that you offer.

List Segmenting Machine will be launching this 13th of July, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and it will be available for $14.95 (single license) and $19.95 (unlimited license). If this product interests you, know that we will update this page with a complete review shortly after it goes live. Now if you want to check it out before buying, just bookmark this page and come back for our review.

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