Software Review: LeadFunnel

Most web-based emails have their own filtering system that can sometimes become very challenging for marketers to increase the open rates of their emails. If you are currently having problems getting lead conversions from your email marketing, try checking out the latest from Jai Sharma, Madhav Dutta and Uddhab Pramanik. The product is called LeadFunnel and will be launched on July 22, 2016 at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time.

LeadFunnel is a software that helps you find targeted leads, while increasing followers and building relationship for closing a sale on any niche, and everything done on autopilot from Twitter. So how does it work? It uses keywords, hashtags and twitter profiles to be set as your criteria for targeted leads. Just have to set it once then forget it. Then you start sorting through the leads for adding it to your workflow or removing it. The lead funnel then gets automatically updated with leads and the software sends out auto tweets, follows, re-tweets, messages and other stuff to them. This then results to more followers, increase in engagement and build your reputation and rapport with your client, which turns into converted leads.

The front end of LeadFunnel will cost you $47 if you want to try out this software. Nevertheless, if you seriously need to know whether you should invest on this software or not, you have to wait for our review to be released. Right now, you can bookmark this post and mark your calendar for the launch date, so you can easily check back on this post for our comprehensive review which will become available just shortly after the product is launched.

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