Now Reviewing: Techbul’s Keyword Suggestion 2.0

On June 25, 2013, at 1:00 PM EDT, online entrepreneur Techbul will be releasing another offering called the Keyword Suggestion 2.0. It will cost $17 on launch day and it is unknown if the price will see a rise in the long run.

The Keyword Suggestion 2.0 is claimed as the best long-tail keyword tool there is. It basically takes all possible suggestions that Google can provide for long-tail keywords like how-to questions and saves them on your computer. Also, it features the so-called Idea Generator that can give you further results for more specific searches. With this tool, we dare say, you can potentially harvest thousands upon thousands of low-competition long-tail keywords in one go.

We’ve seen the software in action through a demo video and we’ll say that it has a very intuitive interface despite the number of fields and buttons in it. It’s also very easy to use, and the keyword suggestions are saved in a format that’s readable to most keyword tracking tool in the market.

While the software has a lot of potential, how will it actually fare quality-wise? We’ll never know until June 25. By then, we’ll conduct a thorough review of this application and see just what can we do with it. If this product interests you, we recommend that you look forward to it.

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